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Ice Making Machines

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Special features of Block Ice:

  • High in density, clear as crystal, hard and doesn’t melt easily
  • Can come in different colors
  • Different weights available such as 12.5kg, 20kg, 25kg, 50kg, 75kg, 100kg, and 125kgs

Application Fields:

  • Ice factory at ports and docks
  • Fresh preservation and cooling of aquatic products
  • Fresh preservation of aquatic products and foods during the haul
  • Temperature reduction and cooling in specific fields
  • Edible ice
  • Ice sculpture


Special Features of Flake Ice:

  • Directly formed at low temperatures, ice flakes are as cold as below -8°C.
  • Ice flakes are dry, clean, beautiful in shape, convenient, and not likely to lump.
  • Full contact with refrigerated objects for good preservation effect.
  • It cannot damage the surface of refrigerated objects

Application Fields:

  • Concrete cooling project
  • Fishery and aquatic food processing
  • Mine temperature reduction
  • Food processing
  • Artificial skiing ground
  • Medical facilities
  • Dye chemical industry
  • Medium and large chain supermarket
  • Fresh preservation and cooling field application


Special Features of Tube Ice:

  • The ice is hard and powderless.
  • It is transparent, sanitary, and environment-friendly
  • Outer diameter: 22, 29, 35, 41 mm, and can be customized
  • Has longer melting time
  • Suitable for storing and transporting

Application Fields:

  • Human consumption ice plant
  • Port ice plant • Coffee shop, bar, and hotel, etc
  • Supermarket, convenience shop and restaurant
  • Aquatic products and food fresh preservation
  • Logistic fresh preservation
  • Chemical and concrete projects


Special Features of Plate Ice:

  • Boasts even cooling effect, good ventilation, & constant refrigeration temperature.
  • Suitable for refrigerating aquatic products.
  • As transparent crystal, plate ice doesn’t melt easily.
  • Compared to ordinary ice, plate ice is pure in color and luster, hard, transparent, & dry.
  • Achieves better cold storage effect and spends 30% more time in melting than other types of ice.

Application Fields:

  • Aquatic product processing,cooling, preserving and transportation
  • Edible ice making factory
  • Port ice making factory
  • Chemical projects and dye cooling and temperature reduction
  • Medical treatment and medicine
  • Cooling, temperature reduction and preservation etc
  • Cold storage central air conditioner
  • Cold water temperature reduction system