About Schuyler

SCHUYLER REFRIGERATION TECHNOLOGY (“Schuyler”) is a division of Tritan Ventures, Inc., a closely-held corporation established in 1994 with corporate headquarters at its 10-storey building, the Tritan Plaza, located in Paseo de Magallanes Commercial Center, Makati City.

SCHUYLER REFRIGERATION TECHNOLOGY has been positioning itself to become a major player in the underserved local cold storage industry by forming strategic alliances with key foreign suppliers.

Schuyler utilizes machines and materials from world-class suppliers such as:

  • GREENHALGH AUSTRALIA which happens to be one of the leading manufacturers of evaporators, condensers, air coolers, and heat exchangers since 1958
  • OPCON, world’s leading brand of screw expander power generation based in Sweden, which provides bio-energy, flue gas condensation, and flue gas cleaning
  • REFCOMP, a famous Italian brand that owns various screw and piston compressors.

The above companies are now under the umbrella of the Snowkey group. In addition, Schuyler also provides equipment from the Koller group, with products and solutions targeted at smaller, value-driven clients.


Schuyler is engaged in providing cold storage solutions to enterprises with refrigeration demands by providing complete turnkey cold room facilities based on the individual needs of each customer. Solutions can range from retrofitting existing facilities and buildings to the construction of purpose-built add rooms as well as mobile/containerized cold rooms and ice making equipment.

SCHUYLER works with its customers to design, construct, and install their custom designed refrigeration facilities based on their exact requirements at their preferred locations.

SCHUYLER can lease out refrigerated space in our own facilities over a specified period of time.

SCHUYLER can fabricate and install any metal products like galvanized, stainless, black iron, etc.

Our Mission

  • To support the food, agriculture, and fisheries sector by building temperature-controlled facilities mainly cold store warehouses and blast freezers for food storage and food production.
  • To encourage food-providing provinces in the country to produce more products for trade.
  • To help reduce spoilage of fresh produce or freshly caught seafood / slaughtered livestock.
  • To support the export sector on providing much demanded fresh, frozen, and processed produce worldwide.
  • To provide the latest, innovative, semi-modular equipment in building state of the art facilities that offer quality and affordability to our customers.

Our Vision

  • To achieve lower food cost, regardless of the season, making it available and affordable for the greaser number of the population.

Core Values

  • Customer-oriented – We value our customers and their ideas; customer satisfaction is our way of living.
  • Commitment to quality – We deliver the best. We do not settle for less.
  • Passion for innovation – We search for what’s better and best. Continuous research and development is one of our priorities. We do not play the game. We make the game.