Blast Freezer / Deep Freezer

Blast freezer / Deep freezer is a freezer which is extremely cold. It is also sometimes called as ‘shock freezers’ or ‘quick freezers’. The objective of blast freezer is to quickly reduce the temperature of food products or fresh produce in order to reduce the metabolic processes significantly.

They are often used in the food industry for products such as ice cream, ready meals, fish and vegetable products. Commercial kitchens also use blast freezers for cold storage.

Why Freeze Products Quickly?

In fact, it is very scientific and addresses the physical makeup of living organisms as to why products must be frozen quickly. Living organisms are all mostly comprised of water. It is this water inside that crystallizes into ice. The length of time the freezing process takes has a direct effect on the final quality of the product. Larger crystals can damage materials by causing conditions such as cell bursting which reduced the quality of the food.

Blast freezing is a rapid form of freezing which minimizes the damage and preserves food at a higher quality. The convenience of blast freezing means that frozen items can then be moved to a normal freezer for long term storage provided the new freezer is cold enough to sustain the low temperature.


  1. Spiral series

– Self-stacking spiral freezer
– Single drum spiral freezer
– Double drum spiral freezer

  1. Solid Belt Freezer
  2. Plate freezer series

– Marine horizontal plate freezer
– Vertical plate freezer
– Shelf plate freezer
– Contact plate freezer
– Contact plate freezer with refrigeration system

  1. Tunnel freezer series

– Mesh belt tunnel freezer
– Stainless steel belt tunnel freezer
– Fluidization freezer
– Impingement mesh belt tunnel freezer
– Impingement SS belt tunnel freezer

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