Schuyler is engaged in providing cold storage solutions to enterprises with refrigeration demands such as warehouse, restaurant, supermarket, grocery store, convenience store, hospitals and other storage facilities.

COLD ROOM custom features include:

  • Custom size
  • Temperature range -40°C – +10°C
  • Panel thickness from 72mm to 200mm
  • Panel plate (colored steel, stainless steel, and embossed aluminum sheet)
  • Shelving concepts and storage options
  • Real-Time Monitoring & Emergency Warning
  • Remote Monitoring System through Mobile App or Cloud networking

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Cold Storage


SCHUYLER offers complete cold room for cooling vegetables, fruits, food, meat, fish, medicines, ice etc. We can provide different sizes of cold room according to your specific size requirements.

SCHUYLER provides high quality machines/refrigerant unit, all parts are world’s first class. Compressors are USA Copeland / Germany Bitzer / Germany GEA Bock, cooling parts are Danfoss, e.g. low and high pressure controller, expansion valve, solenoid valve etc.


An instant cold storage room
Schuyler can turn shipping containers to cold storage. This is a cost-efficient alternative for warehouse expansion, you can just add more reefers as your business grows.

Custom size (20ft – 40ft container)
☼ 20ft Reefer containers offer a smaller space and are commonly used by grocery stores, restaurants for their food and beverages.

☼ 40ft Reefer containers offer a larger capacity and usually use at fish port and farm for excess harvest storage as well as chemical suppliers for their temperature sensitive products.

Cold Storage
Cold Storage


Blast freezer / Deep freezer is used to quickly reduce the temperature of food products or fresh produce in order to reduce the metabolic processes significantly.

Schuyler offers up to -40◦C room temperature


Concave-Convex Structure

Panels are joined together by means of tongue & groove and locked together by cam-lock on each side of the panels to ensure air-tight joints.

Easier and Faster

Panels can be expanded or removed conveniently.

Perfect Heat Insulation

High-density heat insulated PUR foam up to 42kg/m3

Customize Panel Plate

Fully customized panel plate


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