Flake ice is considered to be the most cost-effective type of ice for the use of cooling agricultural products like fish and poultry. They are used to chill foods, and to cool concrete for mass concrete pour projects.  They are also used for food processing, meat processing and applications in commercial baking activities. 

What is the difference between flake ice and shave ice?

In the early days, shaved ice is a referred to as ice-based desserts made of fine shavings of ice or finely crushed ice added with sweet condiments or syrups. Sometimes these shaved ice is often confused with Italian ice called “granita”. The main difference is this, when you prepare an ice shave based desserts, flavorings are often mixed after the ice has been made or prepared. The Italian ice however, the flavorings or syrup is mixed in water before it is frozen.

Nowadays, ice is generated by machines called ice generator or ice makers. Flake ice makers basically work using the same principle as how ice cube maker works. There is however, an additional component to the machine call the ice crusher.

When generating ice, the small types or kinds generated are called crushed ice. The thicker sizes or the middle sizes are called flake ice. Flake ice is sometimes referred to as chip ice or granular ice because these ice are made in a scraped surface evaporator. This type of ice usually don’t need to be sub-cooled to make them brittle and is characterized by a temperature of around -5 °C to -1°C.

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