Cloud Upload Folder


To send your texts, images, videos and other materials to us, please click the button below.

This will be your personal upload folder for the exclusive use of submitting your materials to us. Please do not share this with anyone. This folder offers unlimited capacity so you can freely submit the materials in full resolution.


Please note that this folder has the following limitations:

  1. Files or folders cannot be deleted
  2. Files or folders cannot be renamed
  3. Files or folders cannot be moved


When sending newer versions of the files or folders with the same name:

  1. Just add a date (or date and time) to the file name/folder name whenever you upload an updated file or folder to serve as versions
  2. Sample Naming Conventions:
    • filename 1-1-20.png
    • filename 1-1-20 230pm.png
  3. This also applies to folders


Note: You need to sign-in using your Enterprise Mail or GMail account when sending files